The Largest Manufacturer of Carpet Tiles

Interface Australia is the biggest manufacturer of carpet tiles for Australia’s residents as well as for industrial and commercial use. This company has engaged Robertson Construction in order to assist it in upgrading its manufacturing facilities.

It has been essential to the clients because any upgrade was arranged to ensure that disruptions of the ongoing plant operations are minimal.

The rage of work done is together with the new and extended office, as well as the buildings of the factory comprising the double area of the available warehouse and manufacturing space. There is also the parking area and roads, fire protection services with a wide range of sites, air conditioning services together with adequate ventilation, an improvised stormwater system with an extension having a unique rainwater harvesting technique.

We teamed with Advanced Insulation & Fabrication, on the project for commercial installation services as well as planning, management and fabrication services.

There is a concept of the development and preliminary working estimates. Also, there is preparing and submitting the development applications to the relevant authority as well as much consultations with other controlling and related bodies. Detailed documentation and design of additional infrastructure are also essential in the site. These documents include structural steel with framed building, vehicle parking, roads as well as drainage work. The scheduling of the project and planning its activities is equally vital. Again, the construction management of the contractor’s activities is included on the site accompanied by superintendents’ role in that site.

The consistency and the support of the interface of Australia all-round feasibility are very critical, especially for the project to be successful. It is therefore clear that all the carpet tiles manufacturers projects are being tackled on with a very high level of priority, which is given to the surroundings sustainable design and principles.

The Largest Manufacturer of Carpet Tiles
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